Quality Check List

At J. Long & Son, we take great pride in the products and services we offer with quality and professionalism always remaining at the forefront of everything we do. We strongly believe that our emphasis on quality and our excellent customer service differentiate us from the rest of the market.

We deal directly with the quarry to ensure that you, the customer are getting only the best. We offer both a company written guarantee and a quarry backed written guarantee and we have an excellent reputation, for further evidence of this please click here to view our customer testimonials.

When you buy from J Long & Son, you can rest assured that you have bought a high quality Roofing product which will last the lifetime of a building and this guaranteed at the right price!

The change from the British Standard BS 680 to European Standard BS EN 12326-1 and -2 has resulted in a need for the user or specifier to specify what level of performance and durability they want.

NHBC has been working with the industry to establish what should be the minimum specification to meet with NHBC standards to ensure the product has acceptable durability.
Under BS EN 12326 consignments of slates should now have an “accompanying commercial document (ACD)” from the producer/supplier indicating the slate’s performance.

For compliance with NHBC standards a slate should achieve an A1, S1 and T1 code and should also carry the CE marking on every pallet :

• Water Absorption
For compliance should be no greater than 0.6% i.e. A1 code.

• Carbonate content
High carbon content can cause colour changes and potential for accelerated erosion. For compliance should achieve S1 code.

• Thermal Cycle
This is a test for reactive metallic minerals within the slate, which may cause staining, pitting and/or delamination and potential failure of the slate. A T2 slate may rust and
a T3 slate will most certainly rust.  For compliance should achieve a T1 code.

With so many different importers of Natural Slate coming from all parts of the world into the UK ensure you make the right choice and demand certification and know the place of origin.


Please view our short film to see what can go wrong ! (MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE SLATE GOING WRONG